Various types of services offered by Maids

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March 20, 2013
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August 20, 2013
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Various types of services offered by Maids



Maids offer various services both for domestic and commercial purposes. It is possible for some companies to offer both owing to the similarity of the tasks involved. There are many reasons why it would be better to hire than to have your own cleaning services. The following are some of the services offered:

  • Carpet cleaning – This removes all the dirt, dust, stains and allergens that might be accumulating on the carpets. It also includes drapes. The carpets could be both residential and commercial carpets. An office carpet may need more regular cleaning since there are not many offices that insist on a ‘shoes off’ policy unlike in the homes. This means that employees and customers will track dirt in the carpet. If the carpet is not cleaned regularly, this could lead it to wear out more quickly and develop unsightly stains and movement tracks.

Types of services offered by Maids

  • Residential maid services – This involves sending a person over to your house to do regular cleaning tasks such as cleaning the house, laundry and dishes. You need to be sure that the Maids you hire are reliable and trustworthy so that they send people who are also trustworthy around your property and family at home. The company should have well trained staff. You could hire these services when you do not have your own maid or you have hosted a big party and the cleaning work is overwhelming without extra support. It could also be necessary after you have had some major renovation works in the home. The services could be regular or a onetime contract.
  • Janitorial services – These are offered for offices and other commercial installments. The services offered include cleaning the offices, windows, restroom facilities among others. Having clean windows helps in letting in natural light meaning that you save on electricity bills. It also helps to lift the moods of the employees when they have a nice bright office to work in and excellent viewpoint of the outdoors. Professional window cleaners are required for windows in high rise buildings due to the height involved. You need people who can reach those high heights.
  • Replenishment of office supplies – There are some office supplies that need to be replenished regularly for the office to continue in smooth operation. These include printing paper, ink, staples, soap, paper towels, and toilet paper among others. As an office, some of the things like soap and toilet paper may not be easily remembered when it is time to order as compared to printing paper or ink. The Maids can offer these replenishment services and can keep track of how they are being used so as to provide timely replenishments for you.
  • Industrial cleaners – These are Maids London that is specialized in cleaning areas where there might be hazardous materials that have spilled. They will have the necessary know how to clean up the mess without posing a risk to themselves or to others. They could also be used to clean medical wastes and crime scenes. They therefore need to have a thorough knowledge of medical waste disposal or legal processes.

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